The Red Pill: Background

Someone quite reasonably asked for some background on our current terrible book, The Red Pill by R. J. Patton.  What are the ideas behind it and where did they come from?

While the term “red pill” comes, of course, from the Matrix, in some ways, it’s a ubiquitous concept. Everyone wants to feel that they are special and it’s very seductive to think that other people are deluded and you’re the only one who knows the truth. It’s a particularly attractive way to distinguish yourself because it doesn’t require aptitude of any sort: You just have to think or behave differently than other people in some way, and if your beliefs and/or behaviors seem bizarre or abhorrent to everyone else, well, that just proves what sheeples they are!

The “red pill” mentality is thus very closely allied to conspiracy theories, the key difference being that there need not be any element of “hushing up” the truth (although there could be); you can simply say that people don’t recognize the truth because they’re stupid or deluded and unable to think for themselves.

Since The Matrix came out in 1999, the red pill/blue pill terminology has been bandied about by various groups, sometimes representing a specific belief (for instance, here it is promoting minimalism), sometimes just symbolizing a general mentality of accepting the “truth,” no matter how gritty and unhappy it is.  (I put “truth” in scare quotes because these people are rarely as interested in factual accuracy as they are in casting themselves as brave culture warriors.)

However, now the term has been totally taken over by so-called “men’s rights activists.”  They’re exactly what they sound like and, in their case, the forbidden knowledge represented by the red pill is that women are actually the ones with all the power in Western culture and that men are the oppressed minority.  Taking the red pill most often involves not getting married and, preferably, avoiding all relationships with women altogether (with the possible exception of one-night stands); eg, from MGTOW.COM:

– Our world is a corporate plantation and men are its primary slaves.
– You have unwittingly been programmed since birth to become a slave.
– A wife, a mortgage and kids almost always guarantees you a life of servitude.
– Men do not innately owe to women or society anything, but they still
end up as slaves in sexless marriages with moody wives.
– The illusion of marriage from prior generations lures men into bondage.

The basic logical trick used to support their position is the same used by conspiracy theorists:  Claiming that any evidence that appears to undermine your theory actually supports it.  Thus, from r/theredpill:

Our culture has become a feminist culture. A president cannot be elected today without succumbing to the feminist narrative and paying them tribute. How many times has Obama given credit for his manhood to his wife? How many times has the debate hinged on women’s pay gap – which is a myth that gets lip service because if you don’t you’re a misogynist!

So the 80% of the Senate, 77% of the House, and the President are all men, but women are actually in power because Obama sometimes talks about his wife.  This “power behind the throne” mentality renders actual evidence moot; fewer women in positions of apparent power just means that they’re doing a better job of controlling everything from behind the scenes.

Also, taking the red pill will make you miserable and you’ll have to mope around and only talk to other red pill takers because you’ll be unable to interact with other human beings, at least according to Roosh:

One problem with swallowing the red pill is that you will get offended at just about everything that mainstream people enjoy. You can no longer digest their media, enjoy their viral videos, or even have a normal conversation with a blue piller. You form your own red pill bubble, whether it’s frequenting sites on the manosphere, not dating women from blue pill societies, or outright expatriating to countries where men are rewarded for being masculine. Long live the red pill!

As you may have guessed, not many of them actually go so far as to actually leave; instead, they mostly hang around blogging, getting into arguments on YouTube, and, yes, writing bad novels to illustrate their beliefs.  It’s clear why Patton’s book is such a train wreck: He has to convince us that all kinds of apparently obvious truths about the world (eg, “many heterosexual couples are happy”) are actually lies and the real world is far more miserable than we thought.  How well does he do it?  Stay tuned to find out.


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  1. In more ways than one the writer R.J. Patton is right. I’ve known many cases that I just
    don’t get it why some men put up with such a nonsense life. Many women are just a bag of
    problems, all kinds of problems. Many women feel entitled to it to control men with sex, or no sex, figure it out. They do not love their man they just want the man to serve them. It is appalling how society is so blind to the misery that many men go through every day, all their lives. I try to help some women that I know to also see the good men do, their struggles, and to think of them as human beings, not slaves. Good luck to all Men!!
    Thank you for this great book.

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