Books and Games


Among the Red Stars

Pilots croppedNazi fighter aces, blinding searchlights, flammable planes: Nothing teen girls can’t handle. 18-year-old pilot Valya disobeys orders to rescue her boyfriend from behind enemy lines in this epistolary novel of the daring Russian airwomen the Nazis called “Night Witches.”

This novel will be released by HarperTeen in fall 2017.





 Marat and the Firebird


16-year-old Kazakh horseherd Marat heads to strife-torn 1917 Petrograd to find his missing father, not to get involved in politics. But when he finds a feather from the mythical firebird, a symbol that could unite the crumbling Russian Empire, every faction in the city is eager to lay their hands on it. Marat must decide who to trust—and the fate of an empire may rest on his choice.

This novel is currently being revised.



Interactive Fiction

The House of Fear, or, Loplop Introduces the World

When 19-year-old Leonora Carrington runs away to France with a married artist twice her age, she doesn’t know that she’ll end up in a Spanish mental asylum and he in a concentration camp. But that’s not enough to break a soul like hers. Follow her on a hermetic journey of art, love, and alchemy based on real events.

This game is free to play.

Play online


The Battle of Moscow

Battle of MoscowNovember 1941. The Wehrmacht is 100 kilometers from Moscow. As the Red Army readies its last line of defense, the Komsomol Central Committee dispatches 20 teenagers behind enemy lines to sabotage the Germans…

This game is currently in development.

  1. Oh hey, it’s so cool seeing your projects in progress! Since we aren’t on Mammoth anymore, I guess we shall follow you here. Because you are cool.

  2. Awesome! I miss seeing you on Mammoth but of course I totally understand.

  3. Actually, it’s not even that. For ages, every time I try to comment, I get spam filtered. I have to email Dave every time, and by the time it gets approved, the convo has moved on. I don’t know why, but it means I’m pretty much unable to talk anymore, never mind carry on a conversation.

  4. Oh, in that case, you might give it another try. He just migrated from WordPress to another server so maybe that problem will be fine.

  5. Oh, I might indeed!


    Dead Man’s Switch
    Summary: Rat is the leader of the cyborg animals, but it is now painfully aware that it is prey. It finds an ingenious way of dealing with that anxiety.

    I noticed the Feminist Borg was down, so I also reposted all the borgcritter art on my LJ; the index for all the borgcritter stories and art is at the story link.

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